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When working with individuals, we offer strength-based, person-centered therapies that focus on connecting and reconnecting with strengths you already have that honour your values, strengthen self-confidence, and build resilience.



The relationships we have with people we love can sometimes present unexpected challenges. Whether your relationships are more traditional or alternative, we can focus on building communication, establishing boundaries, deepening connections, expressing affection, and exploring playfulness as best fits your relationship.

Two-Women Couples Counselling

Gender Affirming

Some people are unsure about disclosing their gender and/or sexual identities if they differ from those around them. Whether you are in the early stages of exploring, or firm in your understanding, you will be seen, celebrated, and supported.

Neurodiversity Informed

Having worked with neurodivergent persons for more than 20 years, including those with significant challenges to daily living, I have a unique understanding of people who process information in diverse ways. Neurodiversity is a term that most often refers to persons on the autism spectrum. The term was coined in the 1990s by people who rejected the idea that having autism means one is “disabled.” Within the field of neurology, someone who is neurodiverse or neurodivergent is someone whose brain works in ways that differ from typical (or neurotypical) people. It doesn’t mean someone is less able to do certain things, though it can include people who have challenges with daily tasks. Mostly, it refers to someone who processes information in different ways.

Sexual Health Education for Youth and Adults

In 2015, I graduated from the Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) program offered by Options for Sexual Health ( Aside from counselling, I also provide science-based sexual health education for youth and adults. Most of this work focuses on neurodiverse and/or intellectually challenged persons who may not have been included in sexual health education due to difficulties they may have faced in school systems. My approach takes into consideration acceptance of LGBTQIA2+ identities and alternative relationship styles while holding space for diverse faiths and cultures.

Family and Alternative Family Counselling

There are family units that are typically organized, while others are unique in structure. No matter what your family looks like on the outside, most families face challenges from time to time. Our work will focus on the interactions between family members while taking into consideration outside influences of work, school, society, and culture as a whole.

What We Offer

Counselling Services

– Individual Counselling

– Relationship Counselling

– LGBTQIA2+ and Gender Affirming

– Neurodiversity Informed

– Sexual Health Education for Youth and Adults

– Family and Alternative Family


What is Counselling?

Counselling is primarily a relationship of trust between helpers and those seeking help. As a counsellor, I hope to provide an atmosphere of mutual trust and collaboration where we explore together ways that best suit people’s needs, desires, and aspirations. Rather than providing advice, my hope is that we travel together, sometimes through uncharted territory, exploring routes to healing and authenticity.

How do I know it’s right for me?

Most of us struggle from time to time. Some of those struggles may arise from difficulties with a family member or a romantic partner. Other times, we may struggle with stress at work. Occasionally those struggles may morph into repetitive thoughts, depression or anxiety. Many people ease distressing feelings by taking better care of themselves or talking over their issues with a supportive friend or family member.

Unfortunately, there are times when these methods aren’t helping as much as we hoped. First, you might ask yourself if the problem really is distressing. Second, is the problem interfering with other parts of your life?

If you answered “yes” to those two questions, counselling by a skilled therapist may help.

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